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Ribbon Blender
Ribbon Blender

There are two types of ribbon blenders – one in which the outer blades push the material to the center of the container while the other type of blenders have inner blades, which simultaneously push the material to either ends of the container.

Our range of ribbon blenders are specially designed for efficient mixing of powders, pastes and liquids in both continuous and batch processing. The application specific rotor mixing element design allows shorter batch cycle times due to increased mixing efficiency.

Available in both MS and SS, the mixing vessels of the blenders can be standard U-shape or cylindrical depending on internal pressure or vacuum requirements. We provide blenders with optional ASME Code designed jackets for heating or cooling applications.

Mostly used by Chemical, Paints, Pharmaceutical and Plastic Industries for homogeneous mixing of powder and semi wet material of various types, are fabricated in M. S. or S. S. Ribbon Blades can be designed in single or two parts. The outer blade pushes the material to the center of the container and a simultaneously inner blade pushes the material to either ends of the container.


  • All parts made in SS 304/ SS 316 quality
  • ‘U’ shaft with two sets of spiral ribbons; one inside the other
  • Top cover with acrylic sheet
  • Well mounted assembly on a MS/ SS structure
  • Superior designing of ribbons imparting both radial and linear motion for complete homogeneous mixing of material
  • Shaft sealing at inside and outside with Teflon bush and S S stuffing box
  • Solid stainless steel end covers
  • A specially designed valve at the center for discharge purposes
  • Additional option of spray nozzles with pressure spraying system for spraying additives in blenders