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Twin Bead Mill

We are offering our clients a top-class range of Bead Mills. The Bead Mills are known for their high versatility and efficiency in pigment grinding with high degree of dispersion in short time period. Our Bead Mills can be availed in capacity ranging from 1 LTS Lab model, 4 LTS sample model to 1000 LTS gross shell volume capacity. These Bead Mills are available in stainless steel, mild steel or twin shell with options of single shell or both shells operations. Moreover, this is batch process equipment designed to gain optimum efficiency with very low energy requirement. These mills require a dispersion time as low as 30 min. for titanium dioxide to as high as 90 min. for carbon black as the pigments are loaded in the machine and does not include charging and discharging time. The dispersion time is fully dependent on formulation and other operating parameters. Generally, the total batch time that includes charging & discharging along with dispersion time will be around two to two & a half hours, varying in accordance with the style of operation and functioning of the industry.


  • Easy in terms of operation
  • Longer functional life
  • Requires low maintenance.